Groovy Kayak Landing Gear, Standard Kit


Boonedox Groovy Landing Gear mounts to the top of the kayak, holds up to 180 lbs. and gives you an excellent ground clearance so you don’t drag your rudder. Swing the wheels up at launch to stow them while you’re out on the water. Wheels stay up and out of the way until you land. Simply swing the wheels down and lock in place to pull your yak out of the water. Get on and off the water with ease!
  • Easiest landing gear for solo adventures.
  • Strong and durable, carries up to 180 lbs.
  • Excellent ground clearance.
  • No need to flip the kayak over.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS There’s no sense spending any more time in the parking lot than you have to.  The Groovy Landing Gear mounts to the hull and your wheels can stay, stow, or go depending on your needs.  It also doesn’t require you to flip your kayak to mount or unmount your wheels so that you can fish for fish (and not your gear)!
    • Carries up to 180 lbs
    • Gear grooves for track-mounted accessories
    • Includes the standard items you need to mount to your kayak:
      • 2 x Groovy Knuckles
      • 2 x Railblaza Wheels
      • 2 x Standard Legs
      • 4 x D-clips
      • 4 x Aluminum Gussets
      • 1 x Hardware Pack
      • 1 x Bungee Pack
      • 1 x Spacer Bar
      • 2 x Stiffeners
      • 2 x 5″ Backing Plates
    • Please note that every kayak is different and you may need some additional components.  While the standard kit works for most kayaks, it does not work for all of them.  Please refer to our compatibility page to see if we have any recommendations for your kayak.  Feel free to reach out for reccomendations if your kayak is not listed yet.
  • USE & INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Find the Groovy Landing Gear installation instructions here.Please note that the Landing Gear legs and wheels are intended for transportation only.  The Landing Gear is not intended to support the weight of a kayak during storage.  Leaving the landing gear deployed during storage can cause flat spotting on the tires and add additional stress to your kayak.

Price: $339.95