Newport NK180


  • The NK180 brushless kayak motor offers excellent performance and power to any kayak angler looking to increase their range and catch more fish on fresh or saltwater.
  • This brushless kayak motor offers excellent efficiency and extremely low noise with a direct drive design that allows you to sneak up on fish.
  • It can be used with two affordable 12V lead-acid deep cycle batteries or a lighter-weight 24V lithium battery. Two operating modes, 24V and 25.9V, allow the motor to be powered with 2x 12V GEL, Lead Acid, or lithium deep cycle batteries. This kayak motor will greatly increase the effective range of any angler on a given day, it will bolt directly to a 4 bolt PowerPole style stern mount, or can be installed into the deck of a kayak (see fitment guide here).
  • The mount pivots freely to pass over underwater obstacles, but the durable aluminum motor head is ready for the ones you don’t see.
  • Steering cables can be set up to turn the motor like a rudder using your kayak’s OEM mounted foot braces, or a pin can lock the motor in a forward drive position for use on SUPs and inflatable kayaks.
  • The reverse is enabled with a pull cord that locks the motor in a deployed position, keeping the propeller from lifting out of the water while you back your way out of trouble.
  • Regardless of your level of experience, the NK-180 offers an efficient, powerful motor in a durable package.
  • No Proprietary Battery Required; Works with Lithium or AGM Batteries
  • Brushless Technology that Exceeds 5 MPH
  • Low-Noise, Direct Drive Design
  • Developed Specifically for Kayak Anglers

Price: $999.00